Impressive Design

  • Synteticality, sinhestesis is a precise harmony between signifier (design) and signify (image).
  • In marketing, brand reputation is a sinhestesis which embraces target profile and image goal.







ROMA destination branding

and its high economic potential








Destination branding is the activity nurtured by italian people who has awareness of Italy's economic potential. Despite of some italian people who never have got it.




  • Flexibility is the ability to do the best with the a little;
  • It's conveyed through different Media and messages;
  • All those communication creates the identity kaleidoscope;
  • That's the way a brand lives.

The Great Beauty, again and again


  • A view of ROME, a picture from UNESCO office in MIBACT;
  • Opportunity is a mental aptitude to add value everything surrounding us;
  • When in Rome, do as romans do (Saint Ambrogio);